Saker Car

Since the start of the company “Saker Sportscar” back in 2002 their goals are clear and unique. They are making pure racing accessible, with great sportscars that make the racing exciting and fun. The Saker is made for those who love the race and the adrenaline that comes along with it. By taking a competition in a race like that, you will see that the car will give you the faith and power that you need. If you have the passion for this, then you should know more about Saker Racing.

The Saker, along with it Saker Racing is a specific and amazing spectacle which comprises four models: the GT, Rap X, open top Sprint and Sniper. They have two seats and they are boasting mid mounted 2 litre. Also, they hace turbo charged boxer engine and are restricted to 270 bhp. This reliable machines are built for thrilling and affordable GT endurance racing.
This kind of sportscar has been made and specially developed to make customer’s wishes come true. It’s brilliant, pure racing car, with a stunning design and highly reliable technology. It’s crucial elements, like the engine and gearbox, are excellent parts and have been used specifically to keep the racing affordable. The chassis was developed by Bruce Turnbull, an experienced well known engineer from New-Zealand.
Globally the Saker name is building serious track credibility with strong performances throughout Europe and the USA. In only their first seasons of competition, Saker SVS race cars have become a force to be reckoned with. Competing in GT and endurance classes throughout Europe, GT and sportscar classes in New Zealand and endurance events in the USA, Sakers have proven that the combination of reliable powertrains, superior suspension and careful design results in outstanding lap speed and the embarrasement of race cars costing several times that of the Saker.
Exploiting close ties with Saker Motorsport Europe and Saker Motorsport USA, Saker Cars Australia build on this experience by adding world class products such as MoTeC M800 engine management, MoTeC ADL dash and data logging, Simmons modular wheels and Momo controls from Auto-Tek Australia.
The beauty of Saker, is that it is an already well proven product, strongly established in Australia and the Netherlands for many years. The latter currently entering its 9th year of the hugely successful Saker Sportscar Challenge.
The Saker has brilliant appearance and is a pure racer that can easily compete with much more expensive race cars, like Porsche, BMW and similar ones. It uses a strong space-frame chassis with a GRP sectional bodywork, including gull-wing doors (GT model) and runs on Avon slicks.
Sakers can compete in various championships in the UK, such as Britcar, MSA British Endurance Championship, GT Cup, Britcar, Euro Saloon and Sportscar Championship, Saker Challenge Holland, Dutch Super Sportscar Championship the OSS Championship and Castle Combe Sports and GTS, amongst others. Many Sakers compete in the Euro Saloon and Sportscar Championship. The sprint races can also be shared between drivers and the costs can therefore be split.