An Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is considered to be an important part of the exhaust system in the automobiles. Visit this page and read further to know the symptoms of a bad egr valve. According to the experts at, being a recent invention in the automobile industry, this system deploys a valve known as EGR valve which is used to reduce the emission level of Nitrous Oxide (NOx) released by the engine after each combustion cycle. Located smack dab on our car’s intake manifold, the EGR valve functions by sending exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber as “exhausted air” is much hotter than intake air.

How Does The EGR Valve Work?
By using this valve a part of the gas is re-circulated into the engine chamber in order to cool the engine and thereby reducing the emission. By bringing warmer gas into the combustion chamber, the car engine operates with great efficiency. This valve is primarily used in the vehicles that are using the diesel engines. Whenever, this EGR valve becomes defective by clogging, fully closed, fully open conditions, the performance of the engine goes down and create a great impact on the movement of the vehicle. There is yet another small part that is used in the EGR system is the Ported Vacuum Switch shortly known as PVS. Basically, this switch controls the level of vacuum which directly controls the EGR valve.

Possible Defects Shown By EGR Valve
Being a mechanical part, this valve can become defective due to different conditions. Being a valve, it can get struck and fail to open or the valve may fail to close or the valve can accumulate dust and can result in clogging. In all these three conditions, the valve can create an impact on the function of the engine. A stuck valve can show the symptoms of erratic idling and even stalling. On the other hand, a fully open valve may overload the engine and can cause more emission. The aspect of clogging can show both of the symptoms above stated and such things are determined by the gravity of clogging.

Generally, it is advisable to replace the EGR valve with the original part in order to get a long life. These original parts are properly tested at the factory level and are made with the right type of metals. This is why they are more expensive than the valves that are being sold in the commercial market. Smart car owners always keep a standby EGR valve in their car kit in order to avert long time delays when the valve become defective during the journey.

Costs Vary According To Models
The cost of replacement EGR valves varies from place to place. Getting this valve from reputed car companies are known to high whereas it is cheaper from the retailers. Instead of encountering all that aggravation, one can save big money by shopping online through a quality wholesaler. The car garages also sell these valves at cheaper rates as they get the part from the wholesalers. In general, the cost of each EGR valve varies from $150 to $400 according to the types of models used in various vehicles ranging from cars to large trucks.