A new car rental company has recently opened in Chicago to cater for the luxury end of the market. With the recent economic recovery well under way, high end weddings and prom nights are back on the social calendar. With high end weddings and prom nights a key component of the occasion is the style in which you arrive in.

limo hire Chicago

Typically, limousines and antique cars are used for such occasions but during the recession the high end event market vanished and many of the companies servicing this market closed down. Unfortunately, this left a supply shortage when the economy picked back up again. Fortunately though  the market has seen this gap and made moves to fill the gap. Offering some of the best limousines in chicagoland area now is a new company by the name of Packard Limo with a fleet available on standby of over 20 antique cars and limousines Packard Limo is the main player in the luxury rental car market in Chicago.

We interviewed the owner and asked a few questions about his service and the vehicles he has lovingly restored. Below is a summary of the interview, a full copy along with video is available for viewing for paying customers only. I’ve included a summary of the main points below.

  • Company was formed three years ago
  • Over 20 Vehicles available for rent at any single time. Include limousine and antique are rental hire.
  • Staff have clean drivers licences, no convictions and have all passed an advanced defensive driving school exam and partial test.
  • Employs 25 local drivers, 2 office staff and a fulltime mechanic for servicing the vehicles to ensure they remain road worthy and safe.
  • Member of the accredited Limousine Federation Guild.

Other companies have since opened but lack the fleet size required to run a consistent service. We anticipate that the shortage may continue.