The car is a dream of many people, especially men. But it will not be affordable for everyone to buy a reputed brand car as they will be expensive in most of the cases. Audi Phoenix dealers deal with luxury cars that are liked by many people, and they are famous for their fantastic services too. There is a lot of information about Audi that most people are not aware of. A small compilation of such information is given below in an elaborate manner. The term Audi is very familiar, but not everyone will know about the evolution of this brand and the car models.

In the year 1998, the Avant was launched in Europe. C5 Saloon was launched in the year 1997. Some alterations were done in the car engines in the year 2002. The changes that were made in the engine powered up the vehicle in a considerable amount. The power is increased to 129 bhp in the 2.0 L model. The previous model of the engine was 1.8L. There was an improvement made in the six-speed manual gearbox. This allowed a torque up to 310 NM. The front wheel drive system is said to be the trademark of the Audi cars in the market, and this will be included in the most of the models, but petrol engine and 1.9 TDI were not using it.

In the start of the year 2004, C5 was replaced by C6. A few years later, a new car was designed, and it was named as Audi RS6. The weight of this creation was around 1, 840 Kgs and the torque was about 560 NM. Also, the power was 444 bhp and capacity was 200 km/hr in just 17 seconds. The speed can also be raised to 100 km/hour in 4.6 seconds. All these factors made the car look very impressive and popular in the market.